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We are passionate about sharing secret and not-so-secret gems about our home country Austria.

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We are licensed Austria Guides and passionate locals from the city of Salzburg. Here in Salzburg, we are the experts.
In the rest of Austria, we discover, just like you do.

Gerhard Reus


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How did we
get here?

Travel used to be my passion. I would only work as much as necessary to go travel again. That was until I started a job as a Rikscha driver, a bike taxi tour guide, in my hometown of Salzburg, Austria.

The Rikscha job allowed me to see Salzburg through the eyes of fellow travelers. That’s what opened my eyes to the beauty, the diversity, the history, and the culture and made me fall in love with my country, Austria. I then spent a decade in tourism, riding the Rikscha, meeting people and hosting people on Couchsurfing, working at a hostel, and eventually attending tour guide school.

After becoming a licensed Austria guide, I founded the first Free Walking Tour in Salzburg, before I started this website in 2022. This website stems from the desire to not only know Salzburg but to get to know more about my entire home country. Join me on the mission to explore Austria!

I didn’t learn to appreciate my home country until I started actively exploring it. Since then, my love for Austria has been growing steadily.
Gerhard Reus
Guide, Blogger

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I guided thousands of people over the years.
Here is what some of them had to say about my Free Walking Tour in Salzburg.

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